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Ain't nobody making a fool of Johnny Vincent!
~ Johnny Vincent
Johnny Vincent is the secondary antagonist in the 2006 video game Bully and the main antagonist in Chapter 3. He is also the main anti-hero of the game. He is the leader of the Greasers clique, and the only teen at Bullworth who actually smokes. He was voiced by Rocco Rosanio.

Role in the game

Johnny is introduced in Chapter 1 with his girlfriend Lola Lombardi, known by the whole school as an unfaithful girl who dated practically every boy in Bullworth. After Jimmy defeats the Preppies, Vincent asks him to follow Lola and find proof of her infidelity. When he does, Johnny asks him to lure Gord and another Preppie into a trap. Preppies leader Derby Harrington responds by manipulating Jimmy into spraying graffiti in New Coventry, which is Greaser territory. To make matters worst, Lola starts to date Jimmy after he defeats Johnny in a bike race. After he defeats Hal Esposito, Johnny escapes in his bike and Jimmy chases him to a junkyard, where thanks to his friend Pete Kowalski, Jimmy manages to take him out of his bike, and when he says he can have Lola, Jimmy is simply not interested. He reappears in Chapter 5 when his paranoia gets the best of him, allowing Gary Smith to turn him against Jimmy by using the Townies to trap Vincent in an insane asylum. Hopkins ends up releasing him, much to his appreciation, keeping a decent status with the Greasers, unlike the other cliques. During the Bullworth riot, he vandalizes the Girl's Dorm, but he's once again defeated by Jimmy and Russell Northrop. He is later seen applauding Jimmy with the other leaders when Gary is defeated.


Johnny is a very authoritarian figure in Bullworth Academy, but still less menacing than the Jock leader Ted Thompson. He is very obsessive towards his girlfriend Lola, but is forced to dump her when he discovers her infidelity. He is a very skilled bike mechanic and his parents are rumored to be in jail. Vincent has also many anger management issues that can become really dangerous really fast.


  • Under his name, one could say that he may have Italian ancestry.
  • He is one of the best fighters in the Academy.
  • Although he is very good at fighting, he is also incredibly narcissistic, calling himself the "King around here".
  • He is very similar to Dallas Winston from The Outsiders and they are also both greasers and bear a striking resemblance in surname, appearance, and attitude.

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