Johnny Tag is a character in The Trouble With Clones DLC for Saints Row: The Third.


Johnny Tag is the clone of Johnny Gat and was created by Saints fan Jimmy Torbitson. He cloned him by "collecting shit" that Gat had touched but it went horribly wrong. He did not seem to have memories of the events after Aisha's death, and believes that she was only recently killed by the Ronin. The Protagonist, Pierce and Jimmy attempts to calm Tag down throughout the missions. When Jimmy calls The Protagonist over to his house one last time believing he has a solution, Tag appears and knocks The Protagonist out and kidnaps Pierce. The Protagonist finds Tag along with Pierce on the Magarac bridge being attacked by the SNG. After a battle with the National Guard, The Protagonist makes their way up to the bridge to reason with Tag and successfully convinces him that The Protagonist and Pierce are his friends.

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