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The Johnny Stopping Evil Force 5 is comprised of 5 of Johnny Test's worst enemies. Over time, the Beekeeper was replaced by Zizrar (the mole king), but other than this the group has remained unchanged. The members of the group are Wacko (founder), Brain Freezer, Mr. Mittens, his butler Albert, Beekeeper (resigned) and Zizrar (who replaced the Beekeeper). Now that Brain Freezer has become good and Wacko is estranged from the group, however, it is unknown if they still exist or if they have disbanded.


Over time, Johnny Test has faced a number of evildoers, always defeating them in the end. From cats, to clowns, even a bee loving old man, Johnny Test made himself several enemies. When Wacko paid the price to get 4 of the villains out of jail, they were then introduced to Wacko's brilliant alliance plan eager for revenge against the flame headed boy, and they willingly signed up with him, exchanging their traditional outfits in for similar outfits with a cross over the chest. On this day, the Johnny Stopping Evil Force 5 was born.


  • Wacko is a toy inventor that hates kids. He is very short and always tries to eliminate, as he carries a deep-rooted dislike for the boy. He has good lawyers and lots of money. His plans never succeed and always get him thrown in jail, where he never seems to be able to make bail. He started the . The outfit for it is a blue suit with a red outline. As of the episode" and does things his own way. It is unknown if this is why Brain Freezer reformed untl in Lawn Gone Johnny.
  • Brain Freezer is a freezing themed villain. He first appeared in, selling frozen coffee which actually froze people. Johnny got help from to stop him. In Brain Freezer took control of the Snowmen that Johnny made. Apparently no one knows why he wants to take over Porkbelly. He is also a member of the . He was called Brain Freezer Heads in the In , Johnny tried to help him find a girlfriend.
  • Zizrar (voiced by Scott McNeil) is the King of the Mole People who lives underground and often attempts to take over the world only to fail. His failure is usually due to his intense aversion to light. He is the first villain Johnny ever fought, but he does not make very many appearances (Bling-Bling Boy, who appeared in that episode as a reluctant hero, is the most common villain). He later became after the Beekeeper reformed, and subsequently quit, the force.
  • Mr. Mittens As Tim discribed, Mr. Mittens was never a friendly cat, he despised his owner for never cleaning his litter box and all the dogs for chasing him. When Mr. Mittens becameintelligent, he decided to turn all living creatures in Porkbelly into cats (with the exception for Albert, who he needs to stay human to clean out his litter box) with his Cat Zapper and "Turn Porkbelly into Catbelly". However, the zapper wasn't strong enough to turn humans into cats, so he invaded the military base and charged his zapper with their million-volts electricity source. The zapper was then set to create a wave to turn everyone in a 100-mile radius into cats in one minute, giving Albert and him time to escape. However, and , with the help of Johnny, Dukey, and the military, reverted the zapper in time to save the Porkbelly population from turning into cats. After the incident, however, Mr Mittens remained intelligent.
  • Albert is butler. Albert isn't seen hating, but he was forced into the squad because he has to take care of Mr. Mittens all the time. It is unknown why he does this, however.

Former Members

The Beekeeper is part of The Johnny Stopping Force 5. He first appeared in Johnny Bee Good. He hates junk food and wants kids to eat his "Piles of Honey Bars". He also appeared in Johnny X Strikes Back (JX4) trying to stop Johnny with The Johnny Stopping Evil Force Five. He failed to stop Johnny. In Johnny Holiday he helped Johnny to make a Holiday called Bee Happy day. Now he likes Johnny and is no-longer part of the Johnny Stopping Evil Force Five. He used his swarms of bees to steal candy and give the people Doc Beeble's Piles o' Honey Bars.