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Johnny Ohm

Full Name
Johnny Ostrum
Johnny Ohm, John Ostrum
Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects
Criminal, supervillain
Powers / Skills
Electrokinetic, superhuman strength, flight
committing crimes, killing
continue to increase his criminal reputation
Type of Villain
Criminal, supervillain

Heerrrree's Johnny!
~ Johnny Ohm
Whoo! Let's rock and roll, Man!
~ Johnny Ohm

Johnny Ohm, also known as Johnathan Ostrum is one of the protagonist villains in Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects, and a member of the Imperfects. He's the only Imperfect who was a villain in his backstory, the others on the other hand have became evil tragically.



Johnny Ostrum was a criminal in the southern states. He was arrested after killing several people during a bar fight. The Judges sentenced him to death via electric chair because he was to dangerous to live. On the day of his execution, Johnny was shocked, twice but was somehow still alive. When they tried to shock him a third time, lightning stuck the prison shuting down the power, and yet he's still living, with a few electrical burns. Since the power was out they had no choice but to let him live. A man named Niles Van Roekel came and released him from prison. He then replaced him with a duplicate of Ostrum. After he was released, Roekel then modified Ostrum and implanted Tesla Coils all over his body, granting him the ability to create, store and conduct electricity, and became; Johnny Ohm.

Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects

During the Imperfect Invasion of New York, Johnny Ohm encountered and fought Daredevil. He was beaten severely but managed to retreat. Johnny Ohm's loss was later avenged by another Imperfect; Solara. He made amends to Van Roekel by fighting and successfully beating Spider-Man on top of the Daily Bugle.


Johnny Ohm is a 6' 2" man. He has several scars on his body because of electrical burns, and is equiped with Tesla coils all over his body. With those coils he has the ability to conduct electricity.

Powers and Skills

Johnny Ohm alone is a decent fighter. Due to having Tesla Coils implanted on him, Johnny Ohm can absorb, conduct and manipluate electricity. He can use the electricity to fly. Johnny also was altered to have superhuman strength.


Marvel Nemesis - Johnny Ohm01:35

Marvel Nemesis - Johnny Ohm

Johnny Ohm's Past

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