In the short-lived series Gary the Rat, Gary "The Rat" Andrews is pursued by Johnny Bugz, a local exterminator who takes his job quite seriously. While he usually fails to kill Gary, Bugz's efforts result in other people dying at his hand.


Bugz is quite devoted to his job and demonstrates an animal cruelty streak in mercilessly slaughtering any and every rat he comes across. While stalking Gary, he often expresses a xenophobic disgust for the rat man, such as questioning how someone, such as a sympathetic woman, could feel bad for him. This contempt is also made evident by his slogan "Rodents? Just Kill the Bastards!" He also proves to be a bit incompetent at his job, as his multiple attempts on Gary's life generally end with someone else dying.

He also receives help in his plots from his pet cat Boots, who frequently proves to be more competent than him. It is disturbingly implied that he has an attraction to Boots.


In his first appearance, Bugz is hired by Gary's landlord to remove him from the picture. As Gary is attending a court case, Bugz manages to sneak the spear into the courtroom and tries to kill Gary with it. His efforts only result in killing the plaintiff, thus securing a legal victory for Gary and his firm. This becomes a running gag in the series to highlight both his incompetence and contribute more dark humor into the series. The representatives of the Japanese firm that seek to sign a contract with Gary are gunned down by Bugz's poor markmanship (which comes off as strange considering how adept he is shown with shooting rats in general). His intent on harpooning Gary results in the rat man's sympathetic female companion to die. His carelessness also nearly caused an entire restaurant to be blown to smithereens when his corkscrew projectile hit the gas main.

In the final episode of the series, however, Bugz becomes desperate and tries to take out Gary with a bomb. Despite the previous attempts on his life, Gary tries to save Bugz. The bomb detonates, killing both of them in the process.