Johnny Biscuit
Johnny Biscuit is a Minor villain in Jinzou Shoujo.


Not much is known about him except that he is created by Kai and after Kai and Hihaku's conversation Johnny Biscuit plans on killing Nina for Kai's approval and when three thugs molest both Souku Nakahara and Nina and when they found Souku Nakahara having only one set of breast Johnny Biscuit killed them for finding out too much and tells Nina that he dose not kill the three thugs for the glory and that the thugs are pissing him off and Johnny Biscuit tries to kill Nina only for Kai to trow a rock behind him and then he jumps off his mount and bows down to Kai and Kai kicked Johnny Biscuit and called him out in his attack and after the thugs corpse are eaten by Banra, Banra tries to eat Nina only for Kai to tell him not eat her and that she may have more use and tell Banra to eliminate Johnny Biscuit and Johnny Biscuit begs for his live only to be killed by Banra.