Hello baby! Today's guests are bounty hunters. It's showtime!
~ Johnny

Johnny is one of the villains from Battle Circuit.


Listed as criminal no. 5783, Johnny is a member of the Delete Gang and a Elvis wannabe. He is responsible for stealing the mysterious Shiva System disk, planning to deliver it to his fellow gang members. He has hidden himself on his disco, so the five bounty hunters from Harry's agency go after him in his disco, where they fight him.

Johnny fights by moving around the arena and using kick attacks, as well as shooting musical notes from his electric guitar and calling on his robot goons to aid him. After taking enough damage he will use his Battle Download attack, jumping to the center of the arena and causing explosions around him, after which he becomes faster.

As he is defeated, he falls unconscious and returns to his real fat appearance, dropping a disk labeled “Shiva”. Before the bounty hunters can get it, Dr. Saturn invades the place and steals it, forcing them to chase him down.

Barbara, who was Johnny's girlfriend and also a Delete member gets angry at Johnny's defeat and chases the bounty hunters as well.