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John Wakefield

John Wakefield

John Wakefield is the legendary serial killer in the CBS' mini-series Harper's Island. He is the biological father of the series' main antagonist, Henry Dunn.


  • To get his revenge on Abby.


  • Harris Antonini
  • Joshua Aiken
  • Randall Martin
  • Christopher Cullen
  • Sarah Mills
  • Kate Seaver
  • Peck
  • Cody
  • Ashley
  • Marty Dunn
  • Kelly Seaver
  • Lucy Daramour
  • Andrew Cullen
  • Deputy Garrett
  • Cole Harkin
  • Sparky Mackle
  • Beth Barrington
  • Brent Cyr
  • Darryl Riggens
  • Tyra Coulter
  • Maggie Krell
  • Sheriff Charlie Mills
  • Nikki Bolton
  • Shane Pierce
  • Deputy Patrick Lillis
  • Cal Vandeusen
  • Danny Brooks


  • Betrayed and killed by Henry.
Henry kills Wakefield

Henry kills his father