John Ricketts is the main villain in the 1993 Disney movie A Far Off Place. He was played by Australian actor Jack Thompson.

Role in movie

He is an elephant tusk dealer who befriends gamekeeper Paul Parker, but when he finds out that Paul is on to him, he has him and everyone else on his farm killed save for Paul's daughter Nonnie Parker and tourist Harry Winslow who survive by poachers. He goes to look for them with one of his men in a helicopter, he mistakes two dummies for them and shoots. he tells his henchman to finish the job. Later he finds out that they're still alive, he asks his henchman if he finished the job the henchman says yes, seeing though this lie he shoots his henchman dead. He sees that Nonnie, Harry and Col. Mopani Theron found the tusks, he tries to kill them but they defeat him. When he sees that they're going to blow up the tusks he goes back to the mine to stop the blast ignoring Theron's warning that it's too late and gets killed by the blast.

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