John Kreski, was a well respected man in the community. What most people didn't know was he was a Wendigo, a sadistic canabilistic creature, that ate humans. Several years earlier he and his brother Miles tried to eat Craig Ferren. However Craig being an ex-soldier was able to hold them off, long enough to grab his gun, and shot Miles through the chest. Craig was arrested. John Kreski servered as the main Antagonist in the Grimm episode "To Protect and Serve Man"


He continued his kinds barbaric practice, kidnapping insignificant people and then killing and eating them for years. He stashed the bodies in the crawl space of his home, and got away with it for years. However following Hank (who had arrested Craig) discovering the world of Grimm's and Wesen, he told Nick about the case, suspecting there may have been more to it than there appeared. Nick managed to match Craigs discription of Kreski to a picture of Wendigo in his ansestors diairy. Hank went to meet Kreski were he worked, and managed to intimidate him enough to get him to show his true colours. Nick recognised him as a Wendigo. With Hank they broke into his house and found where he kept the bodies. But Kreski returned, he and Hank had a brief fight, Hank managed to get the upper hand, but wounded Kreski (when Wendigo get wounded they get much more dangerous.)

Kreski later attacked Nick, the two entered a fight, but then Kreski realised he was fighting a Grimm, and tried to run, jumping through his window, he ran straight at Hank, who shot him several times. Finally killing the Cannibal.