John James Urgayle

John James Urgayle

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John James Urgayle is villain of 1997 film Gi Jane along with Sen. Lillian DeHaven.

He was portrayed by Viggo Mortensen.


Urgyale was apportioned as mastercheif which recruited navy seals recruits include Lieutenant Jordan O'Neill whom Dehaven succeed to gain her political gain to become a senator. Urgrayle read the poem Self Pity by DH Lawrence and trained them in hell week include O'Neal who struggled be first female navy solider and forced hold pushup for ships, Urgyle dislike and constantly ridiculed O'neil whom he rude to her being a woman and taunted her for being failure.

But O'Neal proved Uryagle wrong when she shaved her head and won hearts of her male comrades include McCool who syndicated and supported for her stand up against discriminant, Urgayale and his comrades sent trainers which O'neal is leader of the group unaware there was trap made by Uragle and captured them to be interrogated, Uryagle beaten O'Neill for her weakness as her comrades watch helplessly, demanding show off Urygale threatened to rape her only she reposed her hands bound behind her, kicks Urgayle in the crotch and slams her skull into his face and taunted him SUCK MY D**K and admit his defeat overjoyed by O'Neal' comrades who rallied her with joy.

Humiliated and defeated, Uraygle sees her with female friend while went to shopping assumed they were couple which caused fire of O'Neil. after O'Neil threatens to expose DeHaven about her crimes, She rejoined the group dismay of Urgayle for mission on Libya. however when the plans failed and Uraglye shoot Librayn solider to saved O'Niel's life turn getting shot himself on his leg and O'neil was turn to save his life