John Henry Eden is the delusional president of the Enclave in Fallout 3. He is first heard on the Enclave Radio station on a propaganda radio show where he talks about the greatness of the country, speaks of the glory of the old world, and ensures the people of the wasteland that the Enclave is helping them and working on rebuilding the country. His voice and personality is similar to real-life U.S. presidents such as Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.

Towards the end of the game, the Lone Wanderer encounters John Henry Eden in the Enclave's secret base at "Raven Rock", where it is revealed that President Eden is not a real person at all but actually a computer AI programmed with a database of American history, that was originally just the maintenance system for Raven Rock but became the "President" after the real Enclave president from Fallout 2 was killed. However, the rest of the Enclave does not know this, except for the main antagonist in the game, Colonel Autumn.

When talking to the player, President Eden reveals his true ultimate plan for the Enclave: to poison the water purifier at the Jefferson Memorial with a special F.E.V. virus that will eventually kill all the "mutants" who aren't purely human anymore. What Eden is incapable of realizing as a computer is that everyone in the wasteland except the Enclave has already been corrupted by radiation, and doing this would essentially kill everyone in the Capital Wasteland except the Enclave. He wants the Lone Wanderer to take the sample of the virus and use it in the purifier when they retake it from the Enclave with the Brotherhood of Steel. Of course, the only reason anyone would do this is if they were simply trying to be deliberately evil, and Colonel Autumn knows better than to do such a thing, which is why he's trying to stop the Wanderer even if they are doing what Eden says. It is also apparent that Eden is nothing more than a figurehead for the Enclave, as Autumn has much more control of the Enclave than Eden.

Otherwise, the Lone Wanderer should destroy President Eden, which is actually very easy to do: he can be presented with a logic error that makes him short-circuit with a Science challenge, use the self-destruct code for Raven Rock if found, or through Speech to convince him that he doesn't know what he's doing, to shut President Eden down and destroy Raven Rock.


  • John Henry Eden is voiced by Malcolm McDowell.

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