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John Farson

John Farson

John Farson (also known as The Good Man) is an antagonist in the Dark Tower series, originally a harrier and stage-robber who began to gain a political following in the lands of either Garlan or Desoy while Roland was still a boy. His sigul was the eye of the Crimson King, and there is subtle suggestion that they may in fact be the same individual.

Farson, with the covert and sometimes the direct aid of the Crimson King and his top helper Randall Flagg, made use of the generational resentment of those not in the ruling elite of Gilead, though actually bettering their conditions was always the farthest thing from his mind. He ruled through barabaric brutality, and, as if to confirm his dark mystic backing, even the most drastic setback was always undone and reversed. It seems likely he did not long survive the fulfillment of his revolutionary goals.

In an early version of the Dark Tower's first novel, The Gunslinger, Farson is the name of a town, not the man himself.

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