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John Daggett was the tertiary antagonist of The Dark Knight Rises. He was an extremely arrogant and manipulative businessman and Bruce Wayne's business rival whose acted as the head and owner of "Dagget Industries", a successful construction company of his own and worked as the former boss of the film's true main antagonist; Bane.

He was portrayed by Ben Mendelsohn, who will portray Nolan Sorrento in Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One and portrays Orson Krennic in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


John Daggett was head of Daggett Industries construction company. He was Bruce Wayne's business rival, but their personalities, methods, motives and morals differed immensely. Daggett was first encountered on Harvey Dent Day, publicly verbally scorning Bruce Wayne's anonymity, as well as his public image.

He tries to manipulate Miranda Tate into investing in his business, suggesting she stop trying to invest in a feeble 'save-the-planet' company like Wayne's, but Miranda Tate wittily responded that she preferred Wayne over Daggett because the latter cared only about profit as opposed to the people. Throughout the first act of the film, he is seen scorning and trying to undermine Wayne.

He also hired Catwoman - Selina Kyle - to steal Wayne's fingerprints, and in return he promised to give her a computer virus that wiped her identity from every computer system in the world, thus allowing her to start afresh. In reality, Daggett did not possess this virus and was blackmailing her. When she discovered this, she assaulted him, but was attacked by Bane's men - Bane was in league with Daggett to help erase the danger that Wayne Enterprises posed. Batman appeared and fought off Bane's men, before they escaped.

Daggett became angry with Bane, who confronted him furiously - he thought that Bane's plan hadn't worked simply because so far Daggett had received no benefit whatsoever. However, Bane revealed that everything was according to plan, further angering Daggett. In fact, Dagget's company was only used by Bane as a small accessory in the plan, not as a major benefactor. Furious that his importance had been thrown back in his face, and horrified at the ruthless cunning of Bane, Daggett labelled Bane as 'pure evil'. Bane calmly replied that he was a necessary evil, and broke Daggett's neck with both hands, killing him. His body was later found in a backalley dumpster.


  • He is a parody Of Roland Daggett, a villain From Batman The Animated Series. In The TV series, he Was responsible For creating Clayface.

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