Platoon Under Leader John Benton was a non-commissioned officer serving in the Republican Security Forces. He was an alternate reality version of Sergeant John Benton of UNIT. Portrayed by John Levene, he appeared in the serial Inferno.

He was portrayed by John Anthony Woods.


Along with his superiors Brigade Leader Lethbridge-Stewart and Section Leader Elizabeth Shaw, Benton was attached to the Inferno Project to provide security. He was one of the first individuals the Doctor encountered upon arriving upon the alternate Earth, whereupon Benton and several RSF soldiers pursued the intruder throughout the Inferno facility. They actually saved the Doctor's life when they shot and killed RSF soldier Private Wyatt, who'd turned into a Primord and attacked him.

The Doctor was eventually captured by Section Leader Shaw, and along with Benton and another soldier she took him to the Brigade Leader. Unlike his counterpart in the other universe, Benton was a thuggish and brutal bully who often beat prisoners and ordered them around angrily. He came to a bad end following the regresstion of Director Eric Stahlman into a Primord. After Inferno hit penetration zero, rocking the whole building, Benton was sent to round up the escaping scientists and technicians.

In the meantime, Stahlman had regressed into a Primord, and also mutated other Inferno personnel into them as well. Returning inside to report to the Brigade Leader, Benton was seized by the Primords. Stahlman touched him, whereupon he transformed into one of them and joined them in attacking the humans. Like all of the alternate reality Primords - and indeed everyone on alternate reality Earth - the mutated Benton died when the planet was consumed in a fiery holocaust caused by penetration zero.