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John and Susan Buckley were siblings who had always wanted to kill, but had never had a chance to before.


In this legend, John and Susan got their chance to kill on Halloween 1890. They got an axe and killed their mother by chopping off her head. Then, they stood outside their house all evening holding her head and her body and acting as if it was a joke. They then mysteriously disappeared as if they had moved on to more nefarious deeds.


The Buckleys lived in an American town with their mother and one Halloween all the neighbourhood kids were putting out mannequins and dummies as Halloween props. The Buckleys had always wanted to kill someone so they decided to kill their own mother and stand with her dissected corpse outside their house. They did indeed get away with this nefarious plan as they had thought they would.


As the siblings hoped, they got away completely with the plan and people commented that they had a nice Halloween dummy. Until people saw that their "dummy" was too lifelike and they got creeped out by it. Then the neighbours panicked when they saw the "dummy" was actually the corpse of the Buckley mother and they immediately called the cops but when they came, the Buckley siblings, John and Susan, had vanished, presumably off to commit more heinous murders.