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The Traitor, Johannes


Johannes, the Fountain

Johannes is the final boss from Rogue Legacy, and the ancestor of the player characters.


Johannes was one of the sons of the King, and one of many who ventured inside the castle to find the cure to save his father from an illness he got after an assassination attempt. However, after he defeats all of the castle's guardians and reaches the central room, he finds none other than the King in front of a large fountain. He discovers the King actually faked his illness and then spread rumors about the castle, so someone could defeat the guardians and he could access the central room, which was his objective all along as he wanted to drink from the Fountain of Youth there to become immortal. However, in entering the Castle, the King essentially bankrupted the entire kingdom, since the gatekeeper Charon requires all the belongings of anyone who enters the castle. Deeply angered, Johannes kills the King on the spot and drinks from the fountain, becoming the new lord of the Castle and standing guard to prevent anyone from ever reaching the fountain again.

The news of the King's death spread, and Johannes's descendants decided to venture into the Castle to restore their family's honor. After many generations, one of them finally makes to the fountain, where Johannes is waiting. Upon being defeated, Johannes fuses himself with the fountain to prevent anyone from ever drinking from it again. With his death, the fountain is destroyed as well.