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Johann Trinity
maintains a collective personality, cool, secretive, and well mannered. Oldest of the three siblings, Johann pilots the Gundam Throne Eins. Undertaking the mission to eradicate the world's strife, he began armed interventions alongside Michael and Nena. He is a calm person who faithfully handles his given mission while he commands his problematic brother and sister. His rational and cool-headed demeanor provides a subtle contrast to his fiery and stubborn younger siblings. Also unlike his younger siblings, Johann does not take lives that are not involved in their mission, though he shows little concern about it when his siblings do it. An excellent marksman, he handles the firing of the GN Mega Launcher equipped on the Gundam Throne Eins. Johann is killed by Ali Al-Saachez after Al-Saachez kills Michael and steals the Throne Zwei.

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