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Joey Tai

Joey Tai is underworld crime boss at Chinatown in 1985 film Year of the Dragon (1985) who become head of Chinese mafia and nemeses of racist cop Stanley White before he get killed


Joey was grew up in Chinatown and rise as ruthless gangster worked with triad boss until Joey become greedy and demrtied his boss killed. Joey and his syndicate visited Thailand for raising funds of opium and arms dealers. Joey led terror spearing in Chinatown include rape and murder until Racist cop and Vietnam Veteran named Stalney White determined bring Joey down and dated with Trace Tzu, a local journalist who coverage of Tai's case and gang war , Joey ordered his gang members to kill immigrants in whoever may get in his way.

The gang sent to kill Staley and his wife at the restaurant and killed wife. Hebrat Wong was sent by White for undercover as henchman was killed as well every Tracy was raped by members of the gang under Joey's orders in order to shut up. White went to resrtuant and finds what boat the heroin shipment. Joey was conformed and killed by White at gunfight.

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