Joey Tai is an underworld crime boss in New York's Chinatown in the 1985 film Year of the Dragon who becomes head of the Chinese mafia and nemesis of racist cop Stanley White before he is killed.

He was portrayed by John Lone, who also portrayed Shiwan Khan in The Shadow.


Joey grew up in Chinatown and rose as a ruthless gangster who worked with the triad boss until he became greedy and killed him. He and his syndicate then visited Thailand to raise funds from opium and arms dealers. He waged a reign of terror in Chinatown, including rape and murder, until racist cop and Vietnam veteran Stanley White determined to bring him down and allied, professionally and romantically, with Tracy Tzu, a local journalist covering Tai's case and gang war. Joey ordered his gang members to kill immigrants and whoever might get in his way.

The gang was sent to kill Stanley and his wife at a restaurant, killing his wife. Hebrat Wong, who was sent undercover by White as Tai's henchman, was killed as well. Tracy was raped by members of the gang under Joey's orders in order to shut her up. White went to the restaurant and found out which boat the heroin shipment was arriving in. Joey was confronted and killed by White in the ensuing gunfight.