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Caruso aka Joey Caruso.

Joey Caruso (or simply known as Caruso) is the main antagonist in Everybody Hates Chris. Caruso is the school bully of Corleone Jr. High whose main target is Chris, but sometimes it is Greg.

He was potrayed by Travis T. Flory.


Throughout the series, Joey would often do things that would get Chris in trouble or sometimes making him fail a school assignment.

In the series finale, it is revealed that Caruso actually admires Chris and the only reason he has picked on Chris in school is because he has been jealous of his determination and achievement and had crushed his spirit only so he would not feel inferior. Chris then asks who Caruso will bully in his absence when he drops out of school and Caruso immediately punches Greg. 

Joey Caruso eventually gets beaten up in the episode "Everybody Hates Caruso" by Bernard Yaol, a chinese student at Corleone. Caruso's bullying comes back when Chris gets revenge of Caruso in the episode: "Everybody Hates the Last Day". In terms of intelligence, Caruso is not clever after receiving an F and C- in math.

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