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Joe the Scoundrel is a minor character in Corneil and Bernie/Watch My Chops.

Art Attack

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Joe on the newspaper

Joe played the main antagonist in this episode. He stole John and Beth's painting. Later, when Corneil and Bernie tried to locate him, his real name was revealed to be Joseph Scally, a plumber. He also had tons of riches and paintings that he stole over the years. When Corneil passed himself off as a detective, he surrendered and was arrested.

Don Corneilius

Joe's next appearence was in the episode, Don Coreilius. He now works for Corneil and Bernie's resturant. Corneil wanted to see if Joe reformed so he disguised himself as Inspector Corneil and Joe revealed that thanks to the inspector, he reformed and was put back on the right track. Later, Joe relocated to France.

The Inspector

Joes next appearence will be in The Inspector. He also has a cameo in The Dog Sitter Show.

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