Joe Weyburn is one of the villains of the 1990 Action/Comedy, Bird on a Wire. He was played by Stephen Tobolowsky.


When Eugene Sorenson and Albert Diggs, 2 corrupt FBI agents and other villains, team up to hunt Jarmin down and kill him. The reason why their wanting to find him and kill him is so there won't be any loose ends with the drug dealers. Graves, ex-fiancee of Jarmin, blows Jarmin's cover, which results in Eugene Sorenson and Albert Diggs attacking them. Jarmin learns that his old contact has retired and his replacement is Weyburn, who is a corrupt cop working with Eugene Sorenson and Albert Diggs.

Eugene Sorenson and Albert Diggs shoot and kill Jarmin's boss and shoot Jarmin, in his ass. Eugene Sorenson, Albert Diggs, and Weyburn track Jarmin and Graves down at a zoo that Jarmin use to work at. Jarmin knocks Weyburn down into a pool of piranhas and Weyburn gets eaten alive.