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Joe secondopinionson

Joe Secondopinionson is a bully in Moral orel.

Introduced as Coach Stopframe's nephew in "Loyalty", Orel was asked to be Joe's "Bible buddy". Orel is too blind to see through Joe. (Due to the fact Clay never teaches Orel to see though people and teaches him right and wrong.) He is a hellion and sociopath, frequently committing petty acts of vandalism, theft, and, most often, bullying. He is also a homophobic as he is very uncomfortable around homosexuals and spent most of his first appearance beating two gay boys with a baseball bat. He insults everyone in Moralton right in front of them.

"Dumb" gives at least a small indication that his violent tendencies may stem from his home life. His father is advanced in age and is implied to have Alzheimer's. His sister was completely unfazed when Joe severely beats up their father (he kicks and punchs with all his might, and no one can stop him because they don't know how to fight) after learning that his mother, who supposedly died during childbirth, is still alive. His search for her ultimately leads him to Nurse Bendy, the two do begin to form a close bond. They're last seen skating together in "Honor", happily accepting their new lives as mother and son.

He has a fear of getting old and of death, as seen in "Dumb" and "Orel's Movie Premier" most likely because of his elderly father.

Joe is really a dumb kid.

His last name Secondopinionson is really a A second opinion i A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof. A judgment based on special knowledge and given by an expert. A judgment or estimation of the merit of a person or thing

People have a secondopioion on Joe even when he's commiting crimes.

Getting Away with it

The reason he keeps getting away with it because the town is too incompetent to do anything about it just like when they are unable to handle Orel's problems (even when Joe is destroying their cars and breaking the law, they still won't do anything to stop him not even the police). The town's saying "He's Not My Kid, Not My Problem."

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