Joe Dobson is the main antagonist of the 1989 movie, The Penthouse.

He is portrayed by British-born Canadian actor, writer, director and voice actor David Hewlett who is best known for his role as Dr. Rodney McKay on the American-Canadian sci-fi series, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe.


As a young child, Joe witnessed his presumed mentally-ill mother fall to her death which ultimately damaged him for life and caused him to develop an obsession of falling from buildings. while also triggering mental health problems that would ultimately plague Joe for the rest of his life.

At some point, Joe met and fell in love with Dinah St. Clair, a wealthy young woman but the relationship ended due to Joe's mental problems and as such, Joe was confined to an asylum to receive treatment.

One night, Joe escaped from an asylum and spent a few days outside Dinah's penthouse, trying to figure out how to get in. He later managed to get into the building but a security guard caught him and attempted to drag him back, only for Joe to stab the guard with the impact killing the guard instantly.

Once he had left the body inside the lift, Joe headed upstairs and was reunited with Dinah with the two catching on old times but things took a turn when Dinah's father returned from his business trip which sent Joe into a psychotic break and take Dinah hostage, convinced that Dinah's father would separate them again just like he had done in the past.

For the next few days, Joe kept Dinah captive, clinging to the hope that they would be together forever while outside, the local police tried to defuse the situation without any bloodshed whatsoever.

Unfortunately, the situation ended in tragedy when Joe was shot by a sniper, causing him to fall to his death, Joe ironically dying the same way his own mother had many years ago with Joe's death greatly devastating Dinah.