Joe Darke

One thing I can say for sure, he deserved his sentence.
~ Miles Edgeworth

Joe Darke is a minor villain in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, more specifically the secondary villain in the bonus chapter, Rise From the Ashes. He had a small but significant role as the main culprit behind the SL-9 incident.

Joe Darke was a businessman who was responsible for a string of murders that occurred somewhere in 2015. After overrunning a pedestrian with his car, Darke panicked and murdered every witness in the sidewalk to cover up his tracks.

During an interrogation by Damon Gant and prosecutor Neil Marshall, a blackout occurred which Darke used as his advantage to escape. Being chased by Marshall, Darke had a fight with him in Gant's office and they both ended up unconscious.

After Gant arrived at the scene, he killed Marshall by impaling him on the sword of the armor and framed Darke for the murder. Using false evidence, Miles Edgeworth managed to prove Darke guilty with Gant's help. He was later sentenced to death for the only murder he didn't commit. It was two years later when Phoenix Wright proved the real murderer guilty.

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