Joe was a minor villain in the movie Sheena. He was played by Tim Ward-Booth.


Joe was a member of the Black Berets. He flew the soldiers' helicopter. He and two soldiers were tasked with chasing and capturing or killing Sheena and Vic Casey after their botched attempt to blow up the Black Berets' fuel truck. When the duo hid in the trees, Joe noticed Sheena's zebra, Marika, amongst a herd of African deer. He attempted to strafe the zebra, and, failing, angrily made several passes at the herd of deer, shooting at them until Sheena and Vic surrendered.

Later, Joe flew Countess Zanda and the captive Sheena over Gudjara Mountain as part of Zanda's plan to shove Sheena out to her death. Sheena used her telepathic powers to summon a flock of flamingos, which attacked the helicopter. Zanda fell out the open side door to her death, whilst Joe had his eyes pecked out by the birds. Sheena leaped to safety in the branches of a tree while Joe, blinded, flew the helicopter into the side of the mountain, crashing and killing himself.


  • Tim Ward-Booth was the production's actual helicopter pilot. He isn't double in any of the long shots of the aircraft in flight.
  • Joe's name comes from the Marvel Comics adaptation of the film. In the movie, he is called "Hawk One" (his callsign) while the credits simply identify him as "Helicopter Pilot."