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Once, there was only silence, and not a speck of hope in sight. And every tiny bubble burst on its journey towards the light. But the spark of creation will flicker again, it's a brand new era... about to begin.
~ Joe
Joe is the main antagonist of the 2000 Danish film, Help! I'm a Fish. Joe is a pilot fish, who was formerly a simple cleaner but ended up drinking some of Professor MacKrill's antidote potion, became intelligent, and then decided to take over the seas with an army of equally intelligent sea creatures.

His main minions are a dim-witted Lemon Shark named Shark who just thinks about food and a soldier crab named Crab, who both eventually turned against Joe.

Joe is voiced by Nis Bank-Mikkelsen in the Danish version and the late Alan Rickman in the English dub, who also played Severus Snape in the Harry Potter film series and Hans Gruber from Die Hard.


Joe's main ambition is to gain more of the antidote to become more intelligent, create a huge army, and to take over both land and sea.

In the final battle, the film's hero, Fly, manages to trick Joe into drinking much more of the antidote, by challenging his intelligence. Joe gradually transforms into a mutant fish-like human, and Fly asks him a final question: can a human breath underwater? Joe answers "Of course not!" and realizes it was too late, as he drowned. His lifeless mutated body is then carried away by the current.


Joe is a pilot fish that is described as being "inspiring" to other fish. He holds the power of persuasion, and he uses that to his advantage in recruiting others to join him. The only one who resists his offers of power is Fly.


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