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Joe and Jake Favers

Joe and Jake Favers

Joe and Jake Favers are the main antagonists from the 1946 Disney film Song of the South despite their small role. They are Ginny's two cruel brothers who taunt their sister and Johnny. They also attempted to drown the puppy that Ginny gave to Johnny. Joe is the younger brother and Jake is the older brother.

Joe and Jake Favers are first seen in the film when Johnny passes by their house. When Ginny tries to give Johnny her puppy, the two brothers tell him they plan on drowning it. They then tease him about his lace collar, calling it a "Lady's Collar". They try to get the puppy back but Uncle Remus tells them to go away and leave Ginny and Johnny alone. They are then seen stopping Johnny and Toby on their way back to Johnny's grandmother's house. Johnny tells the two brothers not to tell their mother otherwise something bad will happen. The two brothers foolishly listen to Johnny and end up getting a huge spanking. They both vow for revenge and show up at Johnny's grandmother's house and tell Mrs. Sally that Johnny took the puppy. They succeded in the revenge. At their house, they see their sister go with Johnny to his birthday party. They follow them and taunt Ginny once more. Their cruellest moment comes when Joe pushes Ginny in a mud puddle ruining her dress and causing her to not come to the party. Johnny jumps on Joe and the three boys begin fighting each other. Jake tries pulling Johnny off of his brother but fails. Jake then tries to hit Johnny with a small log but Uncle Remus stops him and throws the log down. Uncle Remus tells them once again to stop pestering Ginny and Johnny. They are both not seen again for the rest of the film.


Unlike their sister Ginny, Joe and Jake are both mean, cruel, and downright not friendly at all. They enjoy teasing and taunting their sister, even going to the extremes of physically harming her, such as pushing her in a mud puddle to ruin her dress. They are meant to resemble Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear through their actions and their appearances (Joe is short and slick, while Jake is big and a little slow).

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