Joe Levine, also known as Scarface, is a minor villain in the 2000 AD comic strip, Judge Dredd. He appeared in the strip "The New You" in prog 3.

Scarface was wanted for multiple killings and while he was running fir the law, he decided to change his face in an attempt to hide his identity, so he went to a Face-Changer Parlour and held the staff at gunpoint until he changed his face. He then get's out of there and he see's Dredd in front of him. Being smug and arrogant, but not very bright, he proceeds to talk to Dredd until Dredd reveals that he knows it's Levine and in a panic, Levine attempts to drive away but Dredd manages to shoot the car, injuring Levine. Dredd reveals to him that he knew it's Levine due to the Lawmaster's (bike) voice identification. He presumably went to the Iso-Cubes after the events.