Jody Dvorak was the primary antagonist of the movie Kitten with a Whip.

She was played by Ann Margret.

At the age of 17 Jody had been convicted of crimes and serving time at a juvenile hall. Late one night she stabbed the matron and set the place on fire before escaping. After escaping she came across politician David Stratton, who not knowing anything about her gave her some money to help. Stratton later found her at his home sleeping in his bed. Jody gave a story to Stratton that she was escaping a bad situation at home.

Stratton soon saw a TV news report about Jody, that she was an escapee from juvenile hall. Going home he confronted her and planned to call the police until Jody blackmailed him by saying that she planned to accuse him of raping her when the police showed up. With the threat of a scandal Stratton backed down.

Soon some of Jody's friends - Buck, Ron, and Midge - showed up to party at Stratton's place. When Buck threatened Stratton with a razor, he wound up slashing Ron by mistake. The three went to Tijuana in order to get Ron medical treatment.

While in Tijuana Jody's friends turned against her and seriously injured Stratton. In Stratton's car the two attempted to escape but the two were pursued by Buck and Ron. During the chase the two cars crashed. Buck and Ron were instantly killed in the crash. Jody soon died herself, but in the end exonerated David, telling Tijuana police the truth of what had happened. Stratton was seriously injured. Laying in a hospital bed waiting for his wife to come in Stratton felt a great deal of guilt over what happened to Jody and her friends.