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Joby is one of the villains in the live action TV series "World Without End". He was the father of Gwenda and abused, mistreated, and even molested his daughter, particularly whenever he was drunk, which was often. 


According to Gwenda, her father had been making her steal for him since she was a child, and had also sexually abused her for years. By the time the characters first appear in the show proper, Joby forces her to steal for him again (hitting her when she expresses unwillingness) and tries to rape her again. By this point Gwenda has had enough of her father's mistreatment and injures him in self-defense before fleeing. Enraged, Joby retaliates by selling Gwenda to men who intend to take advantage of her as he himself has done so many times in the past. He ultimately trades her for a cow.

Unfortunately for Joby, when the one bridge into Kingsbridge collapses under the combined weight of too many indivduals, Joby is among the many who perishes. When Gwenda sees that her hated father is among the dead, she spits on his corpse.