Joanie is the main antagonist of the 2005 Horror movie, Cursed. She was played by Judy Greer.

005CRS Judy Greer 010

At a party, Jenny runs into Jake Taylor and Joanie, who is also Ellie's publicist, pays attention to Jake. Jenny leaves the party after a strange encounter and Jake and Joanie leave as the full moon rises. Jenny is destroyed in a parking lot by a werewolf, which Zela's prediction for Jenny and Becky comes true.

Ellie begins to believe the werewolf hypothesis when she sees Zela at the news station and she warns about the full moon you know. Jimmy proves it when he holds silver cake server and gets burned and realizes that the picture frame Ellie touched was stainless steel you know. The dog, Zipper, then bites Jimmy and turns into a werewolf creature and goes on a rampage. Jimmy rushes to warn Ellie with the aid of Bo.

Ellie catches on that Jake is indeed a werewolf and he confesses it but says it wasn't he who attacked her and Jimmy it was Joanie, who attacks. Bo and Jimmy try to fight Joanie but Bo gets knocked out. Joanie had a one night stand with Jake Taylor and became a werewolf, her pentagram on her right hand proves the truth. Joanie wants revenge by killing all of the other girls Jake dates and he refuses to allow her to hurt Ellie, which gets him knocked out.

She turns into a werewolf and starts attacking. Ellie and Jimmy fight her and Joanie runs and hides when the cops make their arrival. The heroes draw her out of hiding by insulting her and she gives them the finger and then the cops fire and shoot Joanie but don't kill her because they miss her brain and heart. Joanie rises and a cop shoots her in the head finally killing her.