This version of Joan of Arc serves as a Antagonist in Kouta hirano's new work Drifters and serves with the Offscourings with the supernatural ablitiy to make flames and some degree of pyrokinesis due to the nature of her death (burned at the stake).At the moment of her demise, Easy offered the famous French "warrior of God" a second chance at life in an alternate dimension as an Ends. Joan accepted the proposition and instead became a warrior of the Black King, a mysterious Ends who aspires to save all non-humans like Joan.

She is an insane woman,quickly to anger,with a hating for humanity and obsessed with the desire of burning the whole world and all the people in it,which comes from the shock she suffered during her unfair sentence. joan is also very close to her army companion,Gilles de Rais,and she swear to avenging him after his death.