Joo yoon

Joo Yoon is main antagonist of 2014 South Korean action historical film, Kundo: Age of the Rampant. He is illegitimate son of nobleman who rise to power as politician and murderer of Dochi's mother and sister

He was portrayed by Kang Dong-won who also played Cho-in.


Joo-yeon was born to nobleman Jo Won-suk and his counbince who is a gisaeng after his wife didn't bear a son before the couple finally had a son and apodted 10-year-old Joo-yoon after death of his mother. Joo Yoon desired to had his father's love for him and jelous of his half-brother Seo-in who is favorite of his father married his lover. Joo Yeon was trained as swordsman during the teenage years. Fulered by his greed for his wealth and tried kill Seo-in for many times only got punished by his father and Soo In married to woman named Jeong-shim.

When Joo Yoon learns Soo-in's death by thieves as known as Kundo leaving his Jeong-shim who pregnant with his nephew and Joo Yoon deiced to kill her for getting a becoming his father's living heir also fortune by hiring 18-year-old  innocent butcher named Dolmuchi, who cut animal meat for supporting his mother and younger sister. Domoochi refused to kill a pregnant widow after he got scared by monk who is member of Kundo which Joo Yoon sent his men to burned his mother and younger sister in front of him. Dolmuchi was found by band of thieves and joined them for seeker of vengeance against Joo Yoon for his family's death and Jeong-shim passed away after gave birth to a son is raised by Kundo as foster son and Joo Yoon seek his power and finding a heir means kill him


Jo-yoon was an iniquitous, treacherous, and manipulative sociopath who wanted be his father's heir by tried killed his half-brother mabye because he was unacknowledged by his family and he hired Doluchi to kill his pregnant sister in law.