Jožin z bažin is a fictional monster from the song of the same name by the Czechoslovak singer and comedian Ivan Mládek.


The name Jožin z bažin literally means Jožin from the swamps. The Czech name Jožin is an equivalent to Joey.


Jožin z bažin is a man-eating monster, that lives on the Moravian swamps near the town of Vizovice and likes to eat tourists from Prague and local residents. The protagonist of the song is traveling through Moravia on his car and had stopped in a collective farm near Vizovice, where the chairman of the farm tells to him, that he will give half of the collective farm, and his daughter's hand in marriage to anyone, who will bring Jožin to him dead or alive. The man asks for a cropduster plane with poisonous powder. Early next morning the man flew over the swamp and sprinkled the powder down on Jožin, what had cause him to paralyze (in the music video he had also shrinked). The man caught Jožin easily, but instead of bringing him to the chairman of the collective farm he decides to sell him to the zoo.