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Jitterbug is the main villain from Deathsmiles. He was a corrupt stock broker from England who neglected his wife and daughter. He and his family got involved in a car accident, but before they all died they were spirited away to the magical land of Gilverado. Instead of protecting his family, Jitterbug ran away, obsessed with finding a way to return to the real world. He starts messing with hell's gates, in the hopes of opening a gate to the real world, but this causes various demons to come out of them and wreak havoc in Gilverado.

The Angels, girls who were also spirited away to Gilverado and developed magical powers, were sent by their benefactor, Count Dior, to defeat the demons and investigate the cause of their appearance. They confront Sakura, Jitterbug's daughter, who decides to join them and stop her father. When they confront Jitterbug, he reveals that he learned that by opening a portal at the midnight of Halloween, such portal will lead to the real world. Sakura attempts to convince him to stop, but he simply blows her away and fights the Angels. Even though he is defeated, he manages to open his last portal, but the demon Tyrannosatan comes out of it and bites Jitterbug, swallowing him. Jitterbug survives after Tyrannosatan is defeated, managing to finally open a portal to the real world. He calls his daughter Sakura to enter the portal with, since they won't have another chance, but she decides to stay to protect her mother. Disgusted, Jitterbug leaves her behind and enters the portal, never being seen again.

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