Jirjis Ibn Rajmus

Jirjis Ibn Rajmus

Jirjis Ibn Rajmus is a evil Djinn known for his temper. He comes from the most vile of the three evil Djinn tribes, the Ifrit, and acts as their leader after the disappearance of their former leader, his cousin Iblis Teer. He is the main antagonist of The Five Fakirs of Faizabad of the Children of the Lamp fantasy novel series by writer P.B. Kerr.


To stop Nimrod and his nephew and niece, John and Philippa, Jirjis visits their old friend James Burton, who has become a fakir. He posesses the man and, impersonating Burton, waits for Nimrod and the twins to arrive.

Nimrod and the twins approach him at his residency at the top of the Atlas Mountains. To their surprise, he gives up his prior vow of silence quickly in order to speak to them. In order to test the twins, he uses a series of three riddles to test them to see if they were really friends of Mr. Rakshasas. They both pass.

However, Nimrod grows more and more suspicious, starting when their flying carpet has trouble lifting off, as if there was one person more on board. Eventually Jirjis bursts out of Burton's body, killing him, and is eventually is trapped in his own golem form later.


  • Jirjis owed Rabbi Joshua three wishes for losing a pension bet against him.