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Jinmen is an antagonist who appears in Devilman. He is a large turtle demon who eats people and has their faces appear on the back of his shell.


Jinmen possesses a train driver and lures in a huge group of people, including Akira's friend Sachiko (underground cave and Akira's mother in OVA), into his train and takes them into a cave where he eats them and all their faces appear on the back of his shell. Later on, Akira Fudo/Devilman confronts Jinmen and is horrified by Jinmen's shell as it contains all the souls of the innocent people he's eaten and is even more horrified and angered after seeing Sachiko's face at the back of his shell. Devilman tries to battle Jinmen but is hesitant to kill him because he doesn't want the people at the back of Jinmen's shell to die. Jinmen then flies towards akira in an attempt to crush while Sachiko tells akira not to worry about her dying so he can focus on killing Jinmen. Akira punches Jinmen in the back of his shell causing Sachiko to die, which angers akira to the point of him tearing off Jinmen's shell killing Jinmen instantly for good.


Jinmen is arguably one of the most depraved, repulsive, and disgusting villains in Devilman. He is a complete sadist who revels in the suffering of humans and enjoys tormenting them psychologically while keeping their faces on the back of his shell after eating them. He is also shown to be a necrophile in Devilman Grimoire, where he has sex with Sachiko's lower torso after eating her upper half. After being killed in the original Devilman manga, he is revived in Shin Violence Jack, as he possesses a soldier and adopts a pole as his weapon.

In a radical contrast to Sirene the Demon Bird who displayed human traits and qualities despite being a demon, Jinmen is shown to have depraved and savage side of demons.

Powers and Abilities

Jinmen has the ability to extend his neck, arms and legs longer and he has very strong strength. He also has the ability to make the palms of his hands incredibly hot and often uses them to burn and harm people, plus he can fold his arms and legs in and eject flames from his shell giving him the ability to fly.


Takeshi Aono (OVA)

Hiroshi Naka (PS1)

Houchu Ohtsuka (Cyborg 009 Vs. Devilman)
David Collins (OVA)