Jink Slater
is a villain who first appeared in Incredible Hulk Vol.3 36.
Jink Slater was a former marine who was recruited by the C.I.A. after his discharge. After a brief and violent career as a covert operative, he decided to work as an assassin for hire. He is skilled in every form of personal combat; he served as a bodyguard for a Columbian drug lord and reputedly killed over eighteen drug enforcement officers. He later sold his services to a band of terrorists, who all died in a pipe bomb explosion, after attempting to renegotiate his fees. While training a paramilitary band in the Colorado Mountains, Slater was surrounded by the F.B.I. and only escaped by leaping across a fifteen-foot chasm. Slater was always up for a challenge and agreed to capture the Hulk for "shadow agency" known only as Home Base.