Jing Koo is the villain from Hong Kong film, Tricky Brains. He was portrayed by Stephen Chow .


Jing Koo (Stephen Chow) is the famous Handsome Tricks Expert.  He gets hired to pretend to be the son, Chi Man-Jing of a former affair that this man called Yan Chi (Man Tat Ng) had.  The goal is to get them fired from the current corporation that Yan Chi and his son, Chi Man-Kit (Andy Lau) now work at and distance them from the CEO`s daughter, Lucy Ching (Rosamund Kwan).  Lucy is currently undercover at the corporation to understand how the upper and lower levels are working together.  In the process, she meets Man-Kit through her best friend, Banana.  Shortly after they start dating and this is when Jing Koo gets hired and he tries to destroy their relationship.

Powers & Skills


Jing Koo is narcissist and charismatic.