Jin Nomoto
Dragon Zodiarts

Dragon Zodiarts

Jin Nomoto is is the intimidating captain of the AGHS track and field team who refuses his team to take outside help.


He can become the Dragon Zodiarts, a Zodiarts sent by Libra to kill the Kamen Riders. His scales are made of a tough metallic material that easily absorbs thermal and electrical energy and has the ability to redirect it, making both Fourze's Fire States and Elek States useless. It is also tough enough to withstand melee attacks, even the ones thrown by Meteor. It can also create spheres made of its scales to attack by throwing them at the Riders. Later, he has gained the ability to expel fire from his arms.

However, there are a few weaknesses that this mighty Zodiarts possess. He has to be aware of any elemental attack from either Elek or Fire first, otherwise, it would actually harm him. Also, he can't absorb the full power of a Limit Break. Also, it seems he can't absorb the electrified attacks from Meteor with the Elek Switch, though he did deflect his Rider Kick before Fourze assumed Magnet States.

He revealed himself as the Dragon Zodiarts when he ordered Egawa to stay away from Kengo, only to focus his murderous intent to Gentaro, Yuki, and Shun, who were in the bleachers for a different reason.

A second Dragons Zodiarts appeared and was believed to be Jin who got a new Zodiarts Switch. However, what remained after a fight with Fourze in Magnet States, all that was left after Fourze slammed the N&S MagCannon into the Zodiarts was a lump of black hair, meaning it was a fake, summoned by the Coma Zodiarts.