James "Jimmy" Fitzsimmons is the resident bully from the Netflix cartoon "F is for Family" who often picks on Bill Murphy. Jimmy is the most foul-mouthed and feared youth in the town.

As such, he enjoys taking great pleasure in intimidating and/or physically hurting other kids, especially Bill and not showing any remorse for it. He's good at wood shop and likes drinking, smoking, and wanking it to porn magazines he kept in his club house that was destroyed in episode 5. As revealed in episode 6, Jimmy is an altar boy.

Though he mainly terrorizes Bill Murphy for being a younger weak boy making him an easy target, one of the running gags is that he's actually quite weak when others who are older than Bill cross him, Kevin, Frank, and Bill's Newspaper Dealer all send James away screaming and crying. Even Bill himself has dealt a blow to James before.