Jimmy's Parents are the main antagonists of the Chick Tract entitled "Unloved."


The tract begins with our protagonist of the tract Jimmy, and we are introduced to his parents and his older sister Nancy. Jimmy's parents shower her with praise, yet they show no love for their son and only give him scorn and criticism. It seemed that everything went well in Nancy's life. She would get better grades than her brother, she gets a job as a lawyer, she marries a governor, and she even ate dinner with the President of the United States. However, Jimmy's life was terrible. His parents didn't attend his graduation, he couldn't find a good job, he married a tramp out of love for her, and he had a kid in jail for drug dealing. The final straw for them was when Jimmy's wife went to the court to file for a divorce, and then takes all of his money, and runs off with her boyfriend. Jimmy asked for them to help him with his financial situation. Instead of helping, they yell at him for being stupid, and they kick them out of their family.

Jimmy later attempted to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. He's only stopped because an unnamed man took pity on him. Jimmy was mad at first that this man stopped him from ending his miserable existence, and told him how he was unloved, and unwanted by his parents. And he's also diagnosed with cancer. The man tells Jimmy that God knew everything that he had gone through, and he tells him that even if his family didn't love him, Jesus did. Jimmy accepts Jesus and he's thrilled that at least someone loved him. Jimmy then died four months later, and he enters into Heaven.

Jimmy's parents may go to Hell for their treatment of their son, and Nancy most likely will too since she didn't seem to care about her younger brother's suffering. The same possibly goes to Jimmy's ex-wife as well, given that he betrays Jimmy who genuinely loves her for another man.