Jim Rage is a one shot villain from the third season of the 1994 animated series The Tick. He is a parody of the Marvel characters Nick Fury and the Punisher. He was voiced by Brad Garrett.


He appears to be middleaged and wears a red jacket and grey pants and is barefoot. He wears an eyepatch despite his both eyes are working perfectly.


Jim Rage represents a secret government organization of dubious means called project S.H.A.V.E. The project appears to consist of Jim and three women (Kitty, Holly, and Crystal) who act as a parody of Charlie's Angels.  The members of his project are determined to irradicate the secret, government sanctioned mustache experiment that escaped captivity years ago. Jim goes to drastic measures to bring the mustache down, but when it is revealed that Project S.H.A.V.E. has been defunded for decades, and that he is in fact a rogue agent seeking revenge, the Tick puts an end to Jims rampage and sends him to prison.