Jim Beckett is the main antagonist of the 2001 movie Instinct to kill.


Beckett is a police officer who's actually a mass murderer. He was married to a woman named Tess, who he beat and nearly suffocated. There are the “silent type” of serial killers, and the more vivid ones. Jim Beckett takes “vivid” to a whole new level. He’s a former cop, and also a serial killer, who stalks women, beats them up, rapes them, and then kills them. To start things off, marries a woman named Tess and after some time tries to kill her as well (after she gets to know he also likes to kill, not “serve and protect”).

Beckett fails, and gets put into a mental hospital. He later escapes and goes after Tess again, killing pretty much everyone in his path. Beckett feeds off his own energy, running around, killing people with hands, knives, guns. He enjoys the challenge. He's also a master of disguise. After his wife gets self-defense lessons from Former Cop JT Dillon, he tries to kill him and Mocks Tess while holding Dillon Hostage. Tess then shoots Beckett in the shoulder and he falls to the ground. As Tess comes up to Beckett to kill him, he says "murder can be fun" while Tess states that what she's doing is justice. She then shoots Beckett in the head killing him and ending his reign of Chaos.