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Jim is the main protagonist and Antagonist in According to Jim. Jim is similair to Al Bundy and Tim "the tool man" Taylor. Jim is sexist and overpowered macho jerk. He is like any american male on tv, cheap, loves to build things and loves sports. Jim is very cheap and always cuts corners to pay for anything. Jim always gets in trouble with the law and starts feuding with neighbors who hate the guy. His only friend is Andy and Jim band mates only put up with him because of Andy or the free food and beer. Jim likes to bully and scheme his way to the top, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Cheryl is always the straight one next to Jim's antics. Between Andy or Cheryl or Dana always have to keep him out of trouble. Sometimes I think he is disappointed in his son Kyle, because he wants to treat him like a guy's guy. Sometimes Kyle is more like Andy than him.