Jim the Landlord

Jim is the Pub landlord of Mortlake and the primary antagonist of the 2012 film Inbred.


When the "outsiders" – Kate, Jeff, Tim, Zeb, Sam and Dwight enter the pub, they are greeted warmly by Jim who serves them drinks and pork scratchings but gets suspicious of them when Kate mentions they cleaned up Ravenswood Cottage as he thought it "got condemned". Later, when the group bring an injured Jeff to the pub, the locals appear to help them but when they are not expecting it, Jim beheads Jeff and orders the others to be placed in the cellar.

He organizes a show, which involves mercilessly killing Zeb and Dwight, although he is informed afterwards that the remaining 3 outsiders have escaped. Jim then leads local men, armed with a variety of weapons, to capture them and corner them in the cottage.

When Verne is killed by Tim, Jim sends Rats into the cottage, although the outsiders outwit him, much to Jim’s irritation. When Jim and the others are paying their respects to Verne, Kate tries to distract the men to allow Tim and Sam to escape, only to be caught in a trap. Jim then sends Podge to cut her leg off. Although Tim tries to kill the local men by attempting to blow up the house with Molotov cocktails; Jim reveals that the ‘alcohol’ Tim is using is just watered down piss and the group kill Tim. Whilst this is happening, Sam escapes, only to be caught on a landmine. Ron’s ferret then makes an appearance, which takes her leg off the mine, destroying her in seconds. This wins Jim a bet he had with Greg on which trap she would step on.