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Do you know what it was like growing up in this family? Related to you? I mean, all I ever heard was Sidney this, Sidney that! Sidney, Sidney, Sidney! You were always so fucking special! Now I'm the special one!
~ Jill to Sidney talking about her jealousy to her.

Jill Roberts is the main antagonist of the 2011 horror movie Scream 4. She is Sidney Prescott's cousin.

She was portrayed by Emma Roberts, who also played Madison Montgomery in American Horror Story: Coven, and Chanel Oberlin in Scream Queens.


Jill seems to be an innocent and sweet Woodsboro High School student who is targeted by the "Ghostface" serial killer like her famous cousin Sidney Prescott was 14 years earlier but it turns out that she is the evil and psychotic mastermind of the latest murders. She snapped after having to hear all about Sidney when she was younger and she was extremely jealous. She comes up with a plan to kill all of her friends and her mother Kate so she can become famous for surviving a massacre like Sidney did. She enlists her friend Charlie Walker to help her commit the murders. At Kirby's house after the last victim Robbie is killed and Kirby is left for dead, Jill, dressed as Ghostface, stabs Sidney after she has gotten away from Charlie and takes off the mask to reveal herself to Sidney as the serial killer.

In the kitchen she tells Sidney how she plans to frame her ex-boyfriend Trevor Sheldon for the murders and then she kills him (taking her revenge because Trevor cheated on her), by shooting him in the groin and then in the head. Charlie and her then tell Sidney they plan on being this generation's Randy Meeks and Sidney Prescott and then Jill kisses Charlie, only to betray him by stabbing him in the heart then the stomach, revealing she meant to frame him as Trevor's accomplice and become the sole survivor, right before killing him. Jill stabs Sidney again and deliberately injures herself to make it appear that she had been attacked.

At the hospital, Jill inadvertently reveals that she attacked Gale by remarking to Dewey that when Jill writes a book about her survival, she and Gale would have the same wounds inflicted upon them by the Ghostface killer. Dewey then informs Jill that Sidney survived Ghostface's attack and would recover. Jill manages to reach Sidney just as Sidney regains consciousness, before she can murder Sidney. However, Dewey, Gale and Judy arrive and distract her saving Sidney. However, Jill points a gun at them, this momentary distraction allows Sidney to charge a defibrillator and places it on the sides of Jill's head. After Jill suddenly comes back for "one final scare", Sidney shoots her in the chest finally killing her.

Despite her death however, Jill seemed to have achieved her wish to become famous and to create a legacy of her own as the new generation's "Sidney Prescott", as the reporters outside the hospital refer to her as "an American hero right out of the movies". However, since Sidney, Gale, Dewey, and Judy (Gale because she's a news reporter and Judy and Dewey because they're cops) knew the truth, they told everyone and they realized that they were wrong about her. They realized that she was "a true American villain right out of the movies", and was officially confirmed to be the new generation's "Billy Loomis".


  • 1: Jenny Randall - Stabbed in back, back crushed by garage door, stabbed in chest
  • 2: Rebecca Walters - Stabbed in stomach, thrown off parking garage roof
  • 3: Deputy Ross Hoss - Stabbed in back
  • 4: Deputy Anthony Perkins - Stabbed in forehead
  • 5: Kate Roberts - Stabbed in back through letterbox
  • 6: Trevor Sheldon - Shot in the groin and forehead
  • 7: Charlie Walker - Stabbed in chest and stomach



  • Jill Roberts shares the same last name as her actress Emma Roberts.
  • Alongside with her half-cousin Roman Bridger, Jill is one of the most evil Ghostface villains to be seen. However, unlike Roman (whose motive to create Sidney's trauma was out of spite against their mother Maureen for not accepting him as her biological son) and Milton (who raped Maureen that led to the conception of Roman), Jill's only motive was to gain fame as she was so extremely jealous of the events that Milton and Roman had caused to Sidney. Also unlike Roman, she openly admits that she is evil.
  • She is the first killer in the franchise who successfully killed another killer (the second is the Third Killer from the TV series).

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