Jill Masterson is a henchwoman and a minor antagonist in the 007 film Goldfinger. She is Goldfinger's assistant, who is paid to be seen with him and also helps him in cheating at card games.

But like many female villains, Jill is persuaded by Bond to rebel against her employer and join the side of good. This angers Goldfinger, who sends another henchman, Oddjob, to kill her for rebellion and he paints her body gold. Her death sequence has became one of the most iconic scenes in the James Bond film series as a whole.


While Goldfinger is playing cards, Bond travels up to his room, where he finds Jill Masterson on the balcony. She's telling Goldfinger of his opponents cards, using a communicator and binoculars. Bond switches off the communicator and asks Jill of her name. She tells him her name and he asks her why Goldfinger likes cheating. She says it is because he likes to win, and Bond asks why she does. She says that it is because he pays her. Bond asks if that's all he pays her for, and she says she is also paid to be seen with him. Bond questions her if she is just seen with him and she replies "Just seen". Bond then foils Goldfinger's game and he and Jill then spend the night with one another. When Bond gets up to fix them some more wine, he is knocked out by Oddjob, who then murders Jill by painting her body gold.

Her death motivated her sister Tilly to take revenge on Goldfinger by killing him, though she too ends up being killed by Oddjob. Eventually, both Jill and Tilly's deaths were avenged when Bond kills Oddjob by electrocuting him.


  • Unless one is to count Tatiana Romanova, Jill is the first Bond girl to start out as the villains henchwoman, only to be persuaded by Bond to go against her employer.
  • Jill is a Punch Clock Villainess, only assisting Goldfinger due to him paying her.


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