Jill Manson is the criminal headmistress of a deserted school in a village. She appears in the episode "The Town of no Return" (1965) of the TV series "The Avengers."

Jill Manson was portrayed by Juliet Harmer.


Jill is part of a unknown foreign force slowly infiltrating a village at the coast. Pretending to be a headteacher she was part of the community that killed anyone discovering their secret identity. She welcomed Mrs Peel and Mr Steed when they visited the village. She learned Mrs Peel became a new teacher at her school. 

When she and the other conspirators learned that Peel and Steed had discovered their secret they searched for them. As they found them a huge fight broke out. Jill fought Peel one on one and was able to fight her evenly before she got slammed against the wall and got knocked out. 


Jill is a cold blooded operative. She and her partners killed innocent villagers without any doubt to fullfill their mission. 


Jill has outstanding fighting skills. She was able to reverse Mrs Peel with a hair grab and trap her straight in a stranglehold. During their struggle she used multiple holds and locks and came inches in defeating Peel who is herself a master of unarmed combat.